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  • I feel very sure
    A friend I work with told me about this company. Both of us had issues with our boss about breaks and working extra hours. They dealt with our worries really fast, and I even signed the contract on the same day as my first meeting with them. Even though my case is still in the beginning part, I can't stop myself from saying how well the lawyers are handling my situation. I feel very sure about everything.

    - Lindsay M.

  • We are very grateful
    I worked at a fast food restaurant. Me and a few employees who joined around the same time. We received less pay than what we were originally promised. We raised our voices but were suppressed by saying that they’ll fire us. We reached out to Southern California Labor Law Group. Mr. Zelman, a skilled and experienced attorney who helped us get through this legal case. He was knowledgeable about the law, aggressive in advocating for our rights, and effective in communicating with us. He explained the law to us in a way that we could understand, helped us gather evidence of the minimum wage violations, and negotiated a settlement with our employer that was fair to us. We are very grateful for his help and we would highly recommend him to anyone facing minimum wage violations.

    - Guadalupe B.

  • Professional and informative response
    Although I didn't ultimately use their services, I reached out with a general question to understand my rights since I felt discriminated against gender at work and had the pleasure of speaking with the staff. They were promptly addressing all my inquiries on the spot. Unlike other places where I was told to expect a call back in a few days, their professional and informative response immediately eased my concerns. If I ever require an injury attorney, this firm is undoubtedly my choice.

    - Hattie P.

  • Very outstanding
    Southern California Labor Law Group is an excellent choice if you're in need of legal representation following body shaming or offensive remarks made at work. That helps to avoid embarrassing situations because they work with a high level of professionalism. My encounter with them was very outstanding. My attorney quickly and effectively secured a successful resolution for my matter. Getting in touch with this group is highly recommended.

    - Kathryn D.

  • Steadfast support, tactical strategy, and commanding presence
    My employer, who used my marriage as an excuse, not only declined my request for a promotion a month ago, but they also took the next step and reduced my pay. I made a legal representation request to Southern California Labor Law Group. My confidence to pursue justice was bolstered by their steadfast support, tactical strategy, and commanding presence in the courtroom. Attorney Patel is a highly recommended resource for anyone who has experienced workplace discrimination; I am incredibly appreciative of their efforts.

    - Elena S.

  • Represented me with utmost professionalism
    Hiring Mr. Zelman was the best decision I made for my workplace discrimination case. They took the time to understand my situation where I was denied promotion because I got married a few months back, offered clear legal guidance, and represented me with utmost professionalism throughout the process. Thanks to their expertise and relentless advocacy, we achieved a favorable outcome. I highly recommend Southern California Labor Law Group to anyone facing similar challenges.

    - Roma H.

  • Remarkable responsiveness
    I had issues with my employer while leaving the job with the Severance Agreement, I wasn’t sure about my situation, whether I need to file a case or not. I reached out to the Southern California Labor Law Group. I had a fantastic experience working with Michael. He exhibited remarkable responsiveness and thoroughness while reviewing my severance agreement from my previous employer. Thanks to his assistance, I was able to swiftly finalize the agreement and even secure additional health benefits after leaving the job.

    - Lynn J.

  • Thank you from my heart!
    Mr Zelman was really amazing! When I lost my job after working there for more than 4 years, I got into issues with my employer when he tried to change the Severance Agreement terms while terminating the job. I am glad I reached out to them. When I talked to him, he was really nice and helpful, and he supported me all the way while we talked about my old job. Because of him and his team, I got a fair deal for leaving, which was the right thing. I really think you should use his services, and thank you from my heart!

    - Jill G.

  • I am so grateful for his help
    I noticed that our employer was accepting unethical practices of bribing to promote people. I wanted to raise my voice against it but was scared to go against the company, but Mr. Zelman gave me the courage to do it. He helped me gather evidence, and he represented me in court. Not only did he help me against my company but he also stood there to ensure I don’t face any kind of injustice from the company. He planned a detailed strategy and made me understand it calmly. I won my case, and I am so grateful for his help. I couldn’t have done it without him. Thanks a lot!!

    - Derek H.

  • Values and professionalism are top-notch

    I am really happy that I came across this excellent employment lawyer in the Los Angeles area. The Employment Law firm's values and professionalism are top-notch. I was exhausted from fighting for my rights at my workplace, constantly facing dismissal and gender discrimination just because I was a woman. It was as if I didn't have a voice; I was treated unfairly when it came to pay raises and other matters. I finally took legal action against my employer, and I must say that I am really satisfied with what Mr. Zelman has achieved for me. Not only did I get a promotion, but I also received a raise.

    He took the time to deeply understand the situation and mindfully planned a strategy that could yield a favorable outcome. I am deeply grateful to him for what he has done for me. I definitely recommend him to anyone facing employment-related issues. If you are experiencing gender discrimination in your workplace, don't hesitate to contact the Southern California Labor Law Firm near Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Riverside locations. Thank you!

    - Vivek M.

  • I am very happy with my case and I would recommend him to colleagues and friends.
    Attorney Zelman is very helpful and very knowledgeable in labor disputes. Very approachable and really keep me updated on what is going on and guided me on what to do. The support staff were also very helpful and very fast in answering your questions. I am very happy with my case and I would recommend him to colleagues and friends.

    - Miguel C.

  • I highly recommend Southern California Labor Law Group especially attorney Michael Zelman.
    I highly recommend Southern California Labor Law Group especially attorney Michael Zelman. He was fantastic in handling my case of unlawful termination. His staff of Paralegal's were very kind courteous and professional and handling all matters of my case. I was very satisfied with the results achieved using Michael Zelman of Southern California Labor Law Group.

    - Pamela R.

  • They were diligent and creative.
    Michael and Eric represented me in 2017.  They quickly assimilated the details of my case.  Proposed an action plan and acted quickly to make progress. They were diligent and creative.  I was impressed.  I recommend them without hesitation.

    - Chris M.