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Harassment Lawyer In Los Angeles

Fiercely Advocating for Employees’ Rights

Although most employees go to work every day expecting to work in an environment that is free from harassment, unfortunately, some employers fail to provide workplaces that foster this basic right.

If you have faced harassment and other discriminatory acts at work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated harassment lawyers in Los Angeles. At Southern California Labor Law Group PC we can help you hold the perpetrator or your employer accountable for failing to take appropriate action.

Our legal professionals are familiar with the nuances of this area of law and can properly investigate the circumstances surrounding incidents of harassment so we can build a strong case strategy and help you make informed decisions.

Call our firm today at (424) 306-1515 or contact us online if your employer refuses to address workplace harassment or subjects you and other employees to unfair treatment for reporting harassment.

What Are Examples of Illegal Harassment in California?

The following forms of harassment in the workplace can be grounds for a lawsuit:

  • Unwelcome comments or demeaning behavior related to a person's race, color, or national origin
  • Unwelcomed comments or behavior that is sexual in nature or related to a person’s gender
  • Unwanted physical contact in the workplace
  • Derogatory jokes, racial slurs, personal insults, and expressions of disgust or intolerance toward people belonging to a protected class
  • Making threats or displaying discriminatory symbols to intimidate employees
  • Initiating unwanted discussions or making demeaning comments about an employee’s religion
  • Using derogatory language, homophobic slurs, or making disparaging remarks about someone's perceived sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Making age-related jokes or mistreating older employees

Steps to Report Harassment in Los Angeles Workplaces

Although harassment in the workplace is illegal, many employees are afraid to report it because they worry about losing their job or that they might experience retaliation from their employers.

However, not only is it illegal for employers in California to retaliate against employees for reporting harassment and other workplace violations, but they must also take action to remedy the situation if an employee reports harassment in good faith.

If the employer fails to address sexual harassment that occurs in the workplace, they can face a lawsuit and the employee who was wronged can be eligible for compensation.

Helping Fight Harassment & Unwelcome Conduct in the Workplace

When you choose Southern California Labor Law Group PC to handle your harassment case, you can count on our diligent legal team to aggressively fight for justice and pursue the maximum amount of compensation you are owed for the trouble you have endured.

Whether you have been sexually harassed or bullied because of your race, gender, or age we can provide the compassionate and effective legal representation you need to protect your best interests.

For a free case consultation with a trusted Los Angeles harassment attorney, please call us at (424) 306-1515 or contact us online. We are here to help you fight back.

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